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You've never brewed anything but coffee...ever?


We love new brewers and wine makers. You have questions about brewing. We have answers about brewing. We should get together.

i can Make my own beer?

For You Brewing Supplies. We supply beginner and production breweries. Give us a call today!


Really. Humans have been brewing for over 7,000 years. For 6,900 of those years brewing was considered a household chore. Akin to cleaning the laundry or cooking meals. If you didn't make something to drink then there wasn't anything to drink. Which presents problems when the local water supply is likely to make you sick. 

But beer was different. Beer kept you healthy, happy, and nourished. 

For You Brewing Supplies. We sell barrels that are hand made in the United States out of oak.

What changed?

In 1857 the role of  yeast in brewing was coming into focus. These advances in the understanding of the function of yeast led to the majority of brewing moving out of the home and into large scale production breweries. Unfortunately, when brewing shifted away from the home the race to make the cheapest beer possible began. 

This makes us a little sad.

For You Brewing Supplies. We love new brewers. We have kegging supplies and equipment.

How can I help?

We're glad you asked.  You can learn to brew!

Beginning anything new can be intimidating. You may not be sure how to begin, what to ask, what to get, or even who to ask. We understand and we are here to help. We love talking to new brewers and winemakers.  

How do I get started making wine and beer?

Step one: Swing by For You Brewing Supplies.

Not only do we carry a wide selection of brewing supplies and winemaking supplies we also offer classes, tastings, one on one equipment consultations, customer product evaluations (this is a fancy way of offering to drink what you have made and tell you what we think), recipe assistance, and general problem solving. 

For You Brewing Supplies also can make virtually any beer recipe that you can dream up while you wait. If you prefer you can email or call ahead and we will have your order waiting. We have fresh ingredients that we assemble only after you place your order. Not a minute before. Mostly because we can't read minds.

For You Brewing Supplies is also actively involved with the local brewing club Wabash Valley Fermentation and Ale. If you are a new brewer or an old pro, FYBS recommends that you check out the club. 

In short, if you are  interested in making nice things to drink and eat you should pop in and check us out. We'd love to talk to you.

2-Row malted barley ready to be added to a freshly constructed beer kit.
2-Row malted barley ready to be added to a freshly constructed beer kit.